【EASY】Use m3u8 player to watch live TV online

How to use m3u8 player to watch TV stations live? To share with you a method, there are two steps in total:

1. Open the live stream URL, such as https://america.cgtn.com/livestream/ Use the method of obtaining the m3u8 address of the web video before obtaining the m3u8 link. get m3u8 link

2. Enter m3u8 player and click play

Everyone may have questions here. I can directly open the webpage to watch the live broadcast of the TV station. Why do I need to use the m3u8 player? It's like this. You may not be able to open some TV station websites, but you can open the m3u8 format live source of the TV station on the m3u8 player. You only need to obtain the m3u8 address to watch the live broadcast of TV stations in real time.

One more thing to note is that some TV stations live source m3u8 link is changed, this needs to be obtained in real time, and some TV stations live source link is fixed. After obtaining it once, you can directly open it with m3u8 player.