【VERY EASY WAY】The way to download m3u8 video? Convert M3U8 to MP4 for free ?

How to download m3u8 video? This problem has been plagued by me for some time. The cause is that the playback video of a live broadcast platform that my often visits is in m3u8 format, but the official does not provide a download function, which is very painful.
There seems to be a heated discussion on how to download m3u8 videos on the Internet, but so far there is no easy-to-use m3u8 video download tool. Let's talk about my own thinking below.
Convert M3U8 to MP4
Analysis process: Playing the m3u8 format video online is not playing the video of that address itself, but playing all the .ts files inside (as shown in the picture), so that continuous playback of all fragments of video forms the complete video we see . So our idea is to download all the .ts video files in it first, and then merge all the videos into one mp4 file.